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Established in 2013, T800 CrossFit is a gym in Eye that offers so much more than just a place to exercise. Paul left his career as full-time Teacher of PE to open up the facility and start to grow what is now a community full of people with a shared passion and common goals. WE  want to help people move well, celebrate what their body can do and enjoy exercise and movement for the way it makes them feel.  we  are the only CrossFit gym in the area and are a hugely proud of what their dream has become.


 CrossFit is a fitness methodology that combines weightlifting, gymnastic movements and other cardiovascular activities such as skipping, running and rowing. All the classes are programmed and coached and involve learning new skills and often working together in teams. What sets CrossFit aside from other forms of exercise if the fact that it really can be scaled to suit everyone. From their youngest participating member who is 4, to the oldest who is 72, they all work to perform movements and complete workouts that are relative to their needs.  Furthermore the CrossFit community really is worldwide. Many of their members seek out their nearest CrossFit box whilst travelling and ‘drop-in’ for a class. From Cape Town, to Las Vegas the T800 T-shirt has been seen far and wide. With CrossFit, the movements, the classes and the welcoming vibe are the same, regardless of location.


There are a variety of different classes, beginning at 6.15am and the final class kicking off at 8.00pm, Unit 2 Progress Way is a busy place to be.  In addition to the owners, T800 also has 2 other coaches. Firstly, Emily Pursehouse, a Loughborough graduate who has been British Under 23 Champion in Olympic Weightlifting in 2019, and Thomas Yarrow As a team they offer a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion.



Outside of the gym there are rounders tournaments, workouts on the beach, muddy-obstacle races, travelling overseas together and even a Panto one year. The members are there for each other through the good times and the bad times.  T800 CrossFit is a more than just a gym, it’s a community, a way of life, a shared passion, a support network of people who all enjoy working out together.

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