We offer a variety of classes to suit the needs of our members...



Beginners CrossFit:


Looking to start CrossFit? This is the class for you! Held at 8.00pm on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this class willl enable you to get to grips with new skills and movements . We recommend attending at least six of these sessions when you start.  As often as possible we have two coaches on for this sessions. 




This class is for everyone regardless of age, gender, fitness level.

After a warm-up you will work on a specific area of strength in addition to completing the Workout of the day (WOD). Every movement can be scaled to meet the needs of the participant.


Open Gym


Spend time working on your own specific training needs or follow a specific lifting program. A coach will always be present to help and guide you where required but its a good idea to come with a plan for every session. If in doubt... start with your weaknesses!


Ladies that Lift:


A class for women only that offers a friendly and supportive training environment for those of all fitness levels. Expect a warm welcome and be prepared to learn new skills.



CrossFit Lite:


A 45 minute high intensity blast.  Lots of running, skipping and body weight movements. The perfect way to kick start your fitness routine, or to try CrossFit but without the complex barbell movements.


CrossFit Competitors:


Do you have upcoming qualifiers and competiions to enter? Are you looking to take your performance to the next level? This class is for experienced CrossFitters who have a full set of skills and are now looking to compete in regional and national competitions.  Please discuss with Paul and Ellie to ensure this is the right class for you.


Olympic Lifting:


Purely working on the Clean&Jerk and Snatch, this class is the place to come for focussed work on your technique.



CrossFit Kids:

Saturday Morning

8.45am: 5 and 6 year olds

9.15am: 7, 8 and 9 year olds

9.50am: 10, 11 year olds

CrossFit Teens:

Fitness: Monday 4.00pm

Strength: Saturday 10.30am

12-17 years






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